How To Find The Best Mattress For Combination Sleepers


When you start searching for a mattress, you usually will find a lot of advice for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. There are countless articles out there that provide guidance on the best style of mattress for each sleeping position. Unfortunately, not everyone sleeps in a single position every night. If you tend to shift positions during the night, you are considered a combination sleeper.

Finding a mattress that works well for your sleep habits can be a little bit difficult. These tips should help you find the best mattress for combination sleepers.

Choose A Mattress That Provides Softness And Support

Back sleepers do best on firm mattresses since the firm surface helps keep their hips from sinking down, ensuring that their spines stay properly aligned during the night. Side sleepers, on the other hand, do best on soft mattresses. The soft surface of the mattress allows their shoulders and hips to sink down in further without creating uncomfortable pressure points.

If you sleep on both your back and your side, you should look for a mattress that provides firm support but has a soft, comfortable top layer. The underlying firmness will help support your spine when you are sleeping on your back, while the soft top layer will keep painful pressure points from developing when you sleep on your side.

Consider Your Weight

Your weight plays a key role in determining how much support you need. It has to do with how far you sink down into the mattress. Imagine that you have an extremely soft mattress. If you don’t weigh very much, your body will sit mostly on the surface of the mattress, not sinking down in very far. If you are heavier, however, you will sink further into the mattress, which could keep it from providing you with the proper support.

As a general rule of thumb, people who are lightweight can get by with softer mattresses while people who are heavier should choose mattresses that are a little bit firmer. Of course, a lot of it comes down to your personal preferences, as well.

Try Out A Lot Of Different Mattresses

The best way to find a mattress that will work for your sleeping habits is by trying out as many as you can in person. Visit mattress stores in your area so that you can lay on the mattresses to see how comfortable they are. Shift around to the various positions that you sleep in when testing the mattresses to ensure that they feel good no matter which way you are sleeping.

Finding the best mattress for combination sleepers isn’t always easy. Ideally, the mattress you choose should be firm and supportive while still offering plenty of soft cushioning. Shopping in person for a mattress is a great option since it gives you a chance to physically lay on the mattress to see how it feels. If you decide to shop online, look for a mattress company that provides a lengthy trial and free returns so that you can send the mattress back if it doesn’t work out.

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