Detailed Pave Scan AASHTO Requires


A pave scan AASHTO requires is one of those details that need to be accounted for.

There are many ways of doing this but modern equipment has made it ten times easier nowadays. You are not going to be left in a tough spot without a way out and that is always beneficial to those who want a good fit. You will be able to scan the surface and take a proper look without having to worry about a thing.

Here is what a pave scan AASHTO requires is going to have to include in order for things to be done the proper way.

Easy to Use

A solution that is easy to use is one of the main requirements a user will have in these situations. It’s important to be able to put the solution to use, so you are able to pinpoint what is going on with the paved surface and whether there are issues to deal with or not. All of this information is important because it keeps things simple and ensures the surface is in good shape year-round. The equipment that is available these days will be easy to use and is not going to get in the way of the paved surface.

Ideal for All Inconsistencies

Inconsistencies are the biggest worry a person will have in a situation such as this. It is best to go with equipment that will be able to scan the surface and make sure any irregularities are spotted in a matter of seconds. These irregularities can make all the difference when it comes to doing things the right way and ensuring it all works out the way you want it to.

As the scanning is being done, it is going to be able to pinpoint problem areas and illustrate how bad the situation is so adjustments can be made.


The scanning not only has to be effective, but it also needs to be safe for the user and surface. If not, it is simply not going to hold value over the long run and isn’t going to fit established standards of scanning.

With the right solution, you will be able to move forward with more information and a safer setup.


AASHTO has high standards when it comes to pave scans and everything has to be done methodically. If not, this can lead to considerable issues and potential inconsistencies that go unnoticed. This is why the right equipment has to be put to use and it has to be innovative with its techniques. The best equipment is going to be able to spot every last detail and store it as soon as the process is completed. This keeps things accessible and easy to mend depending on what has been uncovered by the equipment.

These are the things to look for in a scan and why it has become smart to go with solutions that are built to last and will offer real value over the long-term when it’s time to scan.

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