Why You Need To Use Multi-Hop VPNs


If you are in the market for a VPN, you should consider multi-hop VPNs. Multi-hop VPNs work in a different way to traditional VPNs and you need to consider this. The way these VPNs work will improve many features and they are the reasons why you need to look at this software.

How A Normal VPN Works

Before you can see the advantages of a multi-hop VPN, you need to know how a normal VPN works. When you use a normal VPN, all of your incoming and outgoing traffic will be run through a single VPN server. When you send data, your computer will encrypt it and send it to the VPN server where it is decrypted and sent to the final destination.

This is a setup that works perfectly for most people and offers the security that you generally need. However, this does not mean that there are no weaknesses. If the VPN server is compromised, it is possible for the incoming traffic to be correlated with the outgoing traffic. While the traffic is encrypted, the data stamps can still be used along with the amount of data transferred to determine your location.

The Multi-Hop VPN

Multi-hop VPNs are different, but they are only offered by a small number of VPN providers. When you use these VPNs, your data will be sent through two VPN servers before it reaches the final destination. As with the normal VPN, your computer will encrypt the data and send it to the first VPN server. However, your device will apply two layers of encryption to the data before it is sent.

The first VPN server will remove the second layer of encryption before it is sent to the second server. The first layer of encryption will then be removed and your data sent to the final destination. This creates a secure tunnel for your data within a secure tunnel.

If your connection is attacked, the attacker or your ISP will see that your data is going to the VPN server. However, they will not be able to see the second server and will not be able to correlate the data. Websites and apps will only see the second server which also makes any correlation impossible.

The Performance And Speed

Sending your data through two servers does protect it better, but you might wonder if this will cause lower performance and speed. It is important to note that both internet speed and performance are going to take a hit.

The hit to the performance and speed will vary depending on the servers being used. Latency will be increased because of the distance your data has to travel and there will be more demand on your hardware. Applying two layers of encryption will use more of your device’s resources.

Multi-hop VPNs are offered by some VPN providers and do provide you with better protection and security. However, it is important to note that your internet speed and device performance is going to be reduced. This is due to the distance your data travels and the demands on your device.

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