Cricut Machine Guide


For truly devoted scrapbookers and crafters, a Cricut machine is essential. It eliminates needing to cut shapes by hand. You can use cartridges with pre-downloaded shapes and designs to make beautiful decorations, shapes, and lettering. These machines work on various materials, including construction paper, felt, and vinyl.

However, before deciding on which model of Cricut you want to buy, there are some important things that you need to consider first. We will be covering these features in our guide along with how you can expect to pay for one of these machines.

Cutting Speed

These machines feature various cutting speeds, with the top machines having the ability to cut as much as two times faster compared to beginner models. How fast you need your machine to cut will depend on your experience level and how often you use it.

Automatic pressure and depth adjustment

Materials of various weights require pressure and depth adjustments be made to the machine’s blade. There is an automatic adjustment system that comes with some machines so the blade is properly set for you.


This feature allows you to create depressions for folding and decorative purposes. Machines with this capability are more expensive.


Some of these machines hold a pen to allow you to draw images or write in various fonts. It is a premium feature that is expensive.

Wireless capabilities

Some of these machines come with Bluetooth capabilities so that you can access the Cricut online library to download images, patterns, and pictures. Some of the images are free and others can be purchased.

Workable materials

Cricuts not only cut paper but can also cut faux leather, adhesive foil, cardstock, vinyl, and Vellum. New technology enables advanced machines to also cut balsa wood, chipboard, metal, fabric, cardboard, and more. The more materials that a machine is able to cut, the more expensive it tends to be.

Compatible software and accessories

There are many accessories that are available for these machines. Always check to see which accessories are compatible with the machine model that you want to buy to make sure you will be able to do all of the projects you are interested in.

There are accessory bundles that are available. They often can only be used with a certain machine. Bundles can include items such as scoring stylus tools, various kinds of vinyl, deep cut blades, replacement blades, vinyl transfer tape, and more.

Images and software are also available. Many machines come with free design software and you also can access thousands of fonts and images through the Cloud.

Price of Cricut Machines

Less than $100

You can buy a machine that embosses acetate ribbon, thin leather, foils, tissue paper, vellum, and also die cuts. This can be sufficient if you are an occasional crafter.

$100 – $200

These machines often come with Bluetooth, automatic pressure and depth settings, and the ability for cutting a wide range of materials.

$200 – $300

These often include accessory bundles with various project book ideas, pens, and cutting materials.

Over $300

These machines can score and write materials and can cut a wide range of materials including some thin metals, wood, leather, felt, and fabric.

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