Benefits of Residential Self Storage


If you have extra belongings in your home that you don’t want to get rid of, but that you also don’t need access to year-round, it may make sense to consider renting a residential self storage unit. These units allow you to store out of season clothing, holiday decorations, and more in a secure location away from your home.

Working with a storage facility offers the following benefits:

Self storage facilities typically offer individual units that lock, as well as a locking gate. Many have a security guard or video monitoring, as well. If you’ll be storing valuable items, it makes sense to select a storage facility that offers the security features that you need the most. For example, a guarded facility makes sense for expensive items, climate control and video monitoring make sense for automotive parts or electronics.

Convenient Access

Most residential self storage facilities make it very easy to access your belongings. Typically, you’ll be able to come by any time during their hours of operation and pick up items or drop off items for storage. This makes it especially convenient to handle weekend cleanups, decorating for holidays, and other times when you need to get into your stored items in a hurry. As you work on decluttering your home, it may even make sense to set up a weekly time to stop by the storage facility and drop off items that you don’t need to keep in your home at present.

Safe Storage

Storing items in your home’s attic or basement may not be the safest option. Attics can overheat very quickly, and basements often flood. When you need to store important personal items safely for the long term, it makes sense to pay for storage. If you’re concerned about ambient temperature and humidity, opt for a unit that has climate control included, as well. This will help keep your belongings safe for as long as possible.

Limit Clutter

If you have a small home with limited storage space, it’s important to limit the clutter that’s kicking around. Doing so will help your home appear larger and neater. One easy way to start this process is to remove things that you don’t need access to throughout the year. Storing out of season items, holiday items, and other things that you only need access to occasionally will free up the closets and storage spaces in your home for the things that you need all the time. Limiting this clutter will provide you with more living space and overall peace of mind.

If you’re tired of working around boxes and piles of clutter, and you’re ready to start cleaning up your living space, it may be time to consider renting a self storage unit. This will allow you to store necessary items in a clean, secure location that you can access conveniently. Then you can use your home’s space for daily living and for storing the items that you need ongoing access to on a regular basis, instead of dodging clutter that you don’t need to get to.

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