All About Gamay Wine


Gamay wine is made from the Gamay grape, full name Gamay Noir a Jus Blanc. This grape is quite dark in color, and it is used to make the wine that is a medium and dry red. It is a cousin of Pinot Noir and actually tastes fairly similar. This grape is grown close to where Pinot Noir hails from (Burgundy, France) in a region called Beaujolais. Gamay wine is beloved by those who enjoy a glass of wine featuring floral and fruity aromas. In fact, while this wine contains most of its fruit character in its aroma, it is not so easily conveyed through taste. The best way to enjoy a glass of Gamay wine is by serving it in a large, globe-shaped glass in order to get the full aroma that it is capable of producing. You will get the pleasure of smelling fresh-cut violets, as well as peony and iris flowers wrapped in a plum, cherry, and even potting soil finish.

Lovers of Gamay wine praise it for its ability to pair very well with most dishes. In fact, despite being a red wine, it is a wine that even tastes delicious while eating fish. And those who enjoy drinking Pinot Noir will find that you can purchase a high-quality Gamay wine at a price that beats that of Pinot Noir. When it comes to the cost for a quality bottle, you can expect to pay between $15 and $25.

When you take a sip of Gamay wine, you will experience the tart taste that comes along with the red fruit it is composed of and a subtle yet bitter note as it finishes. It is a wine that contains low tannin and higher levels of acidity, making it an excellent choice to pair with most food. In fact, it is fairly difficult to find a dish that doesn’t pair well with Gamay. A wonderful example of the ideal pairing with Gamay wine is herb and citrus roasted chicken. Many individuals enjoy pairing Gamay wine with Thanksgiving dinner, as it complements the food choices in a delectable way.

The Gamay grape is old and is thought to date back to the 1400s. As a grape, it is very easy to grow and turn into wine. And while Gamay grapes are grown in other areas besides Beaujolais, this region in France is responsible for 75% of the world’s supply of Gamay. In fact, Beaujolais is famous around the globe for making Gamay wine that is easy to drink. As Gamay wine’s popularity has skyrocketed, the grape has begun to be cultivated in other parts of the world as well as other locations in the country of France.

In conclusion, this dry, medium wine is one that is perfect for those who like to “stop and smell the roses”, so-to-speak. As it carries a full aroma profile and pairs well with so many choices of food, you simply cannot go wrong with trying a bottle of this delicious wine.

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