A Basic Introduction To HTTPS Certificates


The next time that you open a webpage in a browser, take a look at the address bar. In some cases, the website address will start with HTTP. In other cases, it will start with HTTPS. While both of these are quite similar, there are some key differences that you need to be aware of.

The HTTP portion of the acronym stands for “hypertext transfer protocol”. This is the protocol used for transferring data through the web. In the second version, HTTPS, the extra “S” stands for “secure”. In essence, it means that any data that is sent through the website is encrypted, providing an additional layer of protection.

HTTPS certificates, which are more accurately known as SSL certificates, are small files that are used to create a secure connection between the server where the website is stored and the browser that is being used to view it. Any data that is transferred through this secure connection is encrypted.

If you have a website, you should consider purchasing an SSL certificate. When visitors to your site see the HTTPS at the beginning of your URL, it gives them a lot more confidence that their data is safe. Building trust is an important part of growing your customer base. Providing a secure website for your users is one great way to do just that.

It also helps reduce the risk of any data getting stolen while it is being transferred. For instance, imagine that you have an online store. When someone goes to check out, they most likely enter their name, address, and payment information. When they click the submit button, this data is transferred to the server so that the sale can be completed.

If that data is not encrypted, it can be intercepted along the way. If your site is targeted by hackers or other people with malicious intent, they could steal your customers’ financial data and personal information. This not only is a nightmare for your customers but it also is bad for your business since it can ruin your reputation. The best way to avoid problems like these is by making sure that all of your customer data is secure.

Search engines like Google are also more likely to favor sites that use secure connections. That means that purchasing one of these certificates may help your site perform better in the search results. Obtaining a higher search ranking can result in a lot more traffic to your website. Best of all, converting that traffic is a lot easier since people are more likely to trust your business when you have a secure connection.

HTTPS certificates are a worthwhile investment for any company that does business online. Creating a secure website can go a long way toward building trust with your visitors. It helps protect against data loss, which is especially important when dealing with personal or sensitive information. Finally, it also can help your website from an SEO standpoint, allowing you to rank higher in the search results for keywords that are closely related to your business.