Why Should You Use Pregnancy Pillows?


Pregnancy pillows are designed to give a pregnant woman support when she is asleep. They come in different shapes such as a large V, J or just a regular body. Here is what you need to know about pregnancy pillows and why you should buy one.

1. Provide Support

During pregnancy, your body shape will change. You will need more support for different parts of your body to prevent pains and aches. If you suffer from back or neck pain during pregnancy, you can use these pillows to lie in any position and get the support you need. Even better, the pillow allows you to align your hips and knees to relieve the pressure from your back, spine and hips. They are also useful in improving your body’s alignment.

2. Improve Blood Circulation

You’re advised to sleep on your left side as your baby grows. That’s because it prepares the baby to get into the optimal position before birth. Also, it helps improve your own blood circulation since it provides your body with the needed support and relieves any pressure. You can use a good pregnancy pillow and provide support whenever your body needs it thus improving overall circulation.

3. Prevent Allergies

You might not have any allergies prior to pregnancy but the new hormones will make your body develop some allergies. These allergies might cause respiratory problems or skin rashes. If you need to avoid this, you should settle for an hypoallergenic pregnancy pillow that helps you avoid any unpleasant allergic reactions while getting the support you need during your pregnancy.

4. Relieving Heartburns

As the baby grows inside your womb, there is less space in your body for your organs. As a result, you are going to suffer a few bouts of heartburn. It can be tough especially when you sleep in a horizontal position. You can reduce the heartburn or acid reflux in your system by using a good pregnancy pillow. It will help lift your upper body while you sleep thus relieving these symptoms.

5. Improve Your Sleep

As you grow bigger during your pregnancy, you might assume that you’re supposed to be uncomfortable throughout the entire duration. Yes, a little discomfort will be there but you can use a good pregnancy pillow to ease some of the discomfort. When you take the time to choose the right pregnancy pillow, it will cushion your body and make your body unwind and relax. Also, a good pregnancy pillow prevents you from sleeping on your stomach which is very dangerous and uncomfortable. Note that, once you have given birth, you can use the pillows for nursing comfortably.

6. Improve Your Posture

Pregnancy will often change your posture because the baby is pushing on your spine. Well, when you are asleep, the pregnancy pillow allows you to remain in a good position. You can also avoid tossing and turning when you are asleep. A good pregnancy pillow will provide the necessary support when you are asleep, even on the side.

Do your research when buying pregnancy pillows to get one that offers these and many more benefits.