What Is The Best Red Wine Under $30?


The popularity of red wine continues to grow year on year. In fact red wine sales in 2018 were up around 5% over the previous year and the market segment of wines between the prices of $15 to $19.99 showed even more robust growth than that growing over 10%. The number of different offerings from American domestic vineyards also continued to grow to supply a market that seems to be ever more interested in red wines to consume, rather than to hold as investments or to save for a rainy day. These table wines are quaffed in greater and greater quantities each year. the challenge is finding the best red wine under $30 – the choice is simply vast.

So if one were to cherry pick from the selection – just which bottles would stake a claim to being the best red wine under $30?

Here are some great choices.

1. The 2016 Diviner Cabernet Sauvignon.

This wine from the Santa Ynez Valley in California is fantastic example of what a full bodied Cab Sav should be. Those in the know describe the wine as silky and possessing hints of Blackberry, Vanilla and Rosemary. It pairs incredibly well with rich meat dishes and would compliment a barbecue perfectly. Buyers can expect to pay around $28 for a bottle.

2. The Cooper & Thief 2014 Barrel Aged Blend.

The bourbon aged nature of this wine blend lends it a rich, smoky character with overtones of jam. It is definitely a wine that stands out from the crowd. Again it is the perfect accompaniment to a babecue – and best shared with a group of friends. Expect to pay around $27.

3. The Folly of the Beast Pinot Noir.

A great bargain at around $18 this wine hails from the Central Coast of California. It is simply a fantastic bargain and matches well with a variety of roasted meats. It is certainly one to keep in mind.

4. The MOTTO Unabashed Zinfandel.

Rich, dark and with a distinct aroma of plums and spices this is a wine that punches way out of its price class. It’s perfect when served with a cheese platter or the usual roasted meat. Of course it’s also more than adequate when served just by itself. Price is under $11 – again – massive value for what you are getting, a crisp and flavorsome wine.

5. The Dark Horse California Cabernet Sauvignon.

This is possibly one of the best value wines on the market today. It is incredible to believe that you will only be paying around $8 for a rich and complex California offering. If you come across stock – buy up what you can – you will not be disappointed.

6. The Columbia Valley Merlot.

Hailing from Washington’s Columbia Valley this Merlot is a true representative of its type. Pouring reveals that deep purple which is the mark of a great Merlot – and the plummy nose promises a fabulous drinking experience and it delivers on that promise. Cost is around $17. This is a great winter or cool evening wine to enjoy with a rich stew or even a selection of smoked meats.

With prics like these the wines on this list deserve a seat at the table. They are meant to be immediately enjoyed – and those who appreciate good red wine will be rewarded with an experience that far outstrips the price indicator.

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