An Overview of the Current University Food Service Industry


If you have been to college before, and you have taken advantage of their cafeteria, you should know that there is a specific system in place. Colleges and universities contract with food service providers, businesses that will prepare all of the food that you can eat. There are also food service providers that will provide the kitchens at universities with all of the components that will be necessary to prepare food at that location. Here is an overview of the current university food service system, one that has been modified over the years to create what we have available today.

The Past Reputation Of University Food Service Providers

The reputation of the food that you would receive at a university is very similar to how people think about school food in general. It was always thought to be very basic and bland, something that was obviously short of nutritious, providing you with just enough sustenance to get you through the day. However, as more studies have been done about the quality of food that is provided to students, improvements have been made over the years. Today, it is not uncommon for multiple types of food to be available for those that have different types of diets. There will be meals for those that eat regular food, as well as those that are vegans and vegetarians. It is the diversity of the current menus which has added a substantial cost to the meal plans that they are now providing. Of course, they need to keep everything reasonable for students, but at the same time, it is certainly costing the universities more money to have such large menus.

Challenges That This Industry Currently Faces

It is because of this diversity that now must exist within the system for providing food for students that it has become more difficult than ever to keep up with the demand. There are many students that are there on a grant, unable to eat out every day, and rely upon the kitchens and cafeterias at universities for the meals they consume. Understanding that each student will have different needs in regard to what they eat daily, they must have a very diverse menu. This prompts universities to contract with different food providers so that everyone attending their school can get the different types of food that they prefer to eat.

The current state of university food service programs is the best it has ever been. There is a great concern on the part of the universities for providing diversity in the menus for food that they provide. It is because of their desire to provide the very best for their students that we now have exceptional menus at most universities when it comes to the food that students will consume while they are there. As time passes, the cost of providing a rich and healthy menu may continue to increase, but they will still do their best to keep the cost low. If you have ever been apprehensive about attending colleges because of their food programs, you now know that there will likely be something on the menu that you will be able to eat.

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