Top Reasons Why WordPress Is So Popular


If you are looking to set up a website, there are a variety of options available to you. For many people the most popular choice is to use WordPress and there are a vast number of sites online that are now built on this platform. There are several reasons why so many individuals and businesses choose to deploy WordPress for their sites. Let’s look at the top features that have contributed to its success.

Free For Users

There are costs such as buying a domain name and hosting required to build a website. However, WordPress is an open source software that is free to use. The top hosting companies all have WordPress installation as an option because it is seen as an essential choice for them to offer. The fact that the software is open source means that it is constantly being updated and improved.

Ease Of Use

At one time, it was very difficult to launch your own website as you needed the help of someone who understood coding to put your site online. This all changed when WordPress was launched as it was designed to allow non-technical people to install and design their own sites. As the platform has evolved this process has become increasingly simple. Once you have your domain and web hosting in place you can put a basic site online within a few minutes.

Appearance And Themes

The way you want your website to look will be based on your own tastes and marketplace. A great benefit with using WordPress is the ability to design your site’s appearance and this is done by choosing from the thousands of themes available. These themes can be installed so that you get the look you want, and you can choose either a free theme or a premium one which you pay for, but which is likely to give you more options.

Flexibility With Plugins

As well as the versatility you have with the appearance of your site, you can also install plugins that supplement the built-in features of WordPress. These plugins can add different types of functionality to your site which may improve the layout of your website or give you extra marketing options. In addition, you can add security options such as controlling spam. In fact, whatever you are looking to do there is probably a plugin that can help you.

Good For SEO

Search engine optimization is a vital aspect for the success of your site and so it is important to be able build it in a SEO friendly way. It is easy to do this with WordPress as it enables you to structure your post for your keywords and to display the URLs in the right way for the search engines. There are specific plugins that can help you with your SEO as well as important ranking factors such as how fast your site loads.

Supports Multimedia Options

If you want website visitors to stay on your site, it is important to keep them engaged. The best way to do this is by using various forms of media such as images and video. Fortunately, the WordPress editor makes it easy to insert all types of media into your posts so that your articles look both professional and engaging for your readers. If people stay on your site for longer, this is also a good ranking factor for Google’s search results.

So, as you can see there are many good reasons why WordPress is such a popular choice as a website. It is easy to use, flexible and always being improved and updated with new features being added.

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