How to Choose the Best Instant Pot for Your Needs


Nearly everyone in North America knows someone, either in their family, friends or neighbors, that owns an Instant Pot. They’ve been the hottest selling kitchen appliance for the past several years setting records during the Christmas season. The reasons are simple, they cook healthy, fast, nutritious, and great tasting food. Plus, due to their millions of fans posting tried and tested recipes online, you can find recipes that work for nearly any dish. Here are the different Instant Pot models so you can choose the one that’s best for you.

The Size Can Play An Important Part In Your Decision

The standard size is the 6 quart model. It’s perfect for making entire meals, cooking a whole chicken, a roast, making chili, or any number of great dishes. It’s the size that 95% of all of the online recipes, and there are millions, will be based on. So, if you have a family that you’re cooking for, or you like to cook ahead and freeze portions for later, then the 6 quart is going to be best for you.

There are also smaller models that are about half that size, 3 quarts. They are perfect for making meals for a couple that doesn’t want to have lots of leftovers for the next day, or for lunches, it just makes enough for two people to have a great meal.

Then there is the larger, 8 quart model, that really can make a lot of food. If you’re in to storing plastic containers in the freezer of your favorite chili, stew, soups, stroganoff, Sloppy Joe’s, or any other popular dish, then the 8 quart is great. It’s large enough to put a couple of chickens in, a large ham or roast beef.

The Dual Pressure Settings Most People Don’t Use

The function that nearly everyone raves about is how fast the Instant Pot cooks, how great the food tastes, and how many millions of different dishes that can be made. The standard “Lux” model only has the high pressure setting and it can do almost everything you can imagine.

However, the “Duo” model has a high pressure and a low pressure setting which allows it to cook many other dishes like custards, softer vegetables, and cakes too. Most people find that they don’t use this setting and nearly all of the recipes online call for the high pressure setting. But for those that want it, it’s available for a little bit more in the “Duo” model of Instant Pot.

There Is Also A Wi-Fi Model Coming Out

OK, for most people the wi-fi is totally unneeded since the whole idea of the Instant Pot is that you throw the food in, hit a button and then the alarm goes off when it’s ready. There isn’t very much fiddling that needs to be done on most recipes, once you prepare them, put them in the machine and start it up, that’s it.

The fact is, for the best Instant Pot the basic model does most everything you’ll ever need to do, or want to do. Once you choose the size for you and your household, then all you have to do is look through all of the millions of recipes online and figure out which ones you’re going to cook first.

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