Reasons Why Every Business Owner Needs Automated Site Backups


Every website owner is aware of the importance of keeping their website up and running at all times, regardless. While there are different factors that may affect the site’s downtime such as hosting plans, automated site backups also play a crucial role in restoring your service when things go wrong. Backing up your site’s data manually is okay, but doing it automatically is better. Here are some reasons why every website owner should backup their site automatically:


This is probably one of the top advantages of backing up your website data automatically. You don’t have to set a specific time of your day to back up your website as everything is done automatically. This means that you can go on and operate your business as you normally would and focus on the more important aspects. You’ll usually receive an email notification once the backup is successful. In the event that the backup has failed, you’ll also receive an email notification – and that’s the time that you can go check and see what went wrong.

In the event that something goes wrong, you wouldn’t have to worry because most automated backups come with instant recovery solutions. Just restore from the latest backup file where your site was last seen working. This is often a fool-proof solution in case something else gets messed up.


If you’re backing up your site manually, it means that you’re storing your data on your flash drive or home computer. Unfortunately, this opens numerous possibilities for data loss and security breaches. Automated backups ensure that all your data are stored in an encrypted location, which prevents hackers, security breaches and data loss.


Did you know that automated site backups are cheaper, and sometimes are being offered for free? Check with your hosting plan as some hosts offer this as an added or included service in one of their plans. In the event that you have to pay for an additional fee, come to think of it this way: which is cheaper, paying for a small amount of monthly service fee to automatically backup your website, or having to go through the tedious task of recovering files, paying for a programmer, and even starting from scratch just because you haven’t been able to backup the latest working version of your website?

If you’re going to look at it this way, automated backups could still save you money, not to mention will keep your business website up and running with very little downtime in the event that something goes wrong.

If you’re unsure if this service is included in your hosting, ask your host to see how to activate this one. If not included, always make sure that you include this as an add-on to your plan.


We understand that getting to remember to backup your website occasionally can be a bit of a tedious and daunting task – and with automated site backups, you’ll be spared from this. You don’t have to spend a few minutes, or even a few hours daily just to save a copy of your website.

Additionally, if there’s a configuration error, or if something else has gone wrong with the website, you can easily restore your website from backup with a few clicks – saving you time and effort at the same time. You no longer have to worry about rewriting the code or rebuilding your entire website from scratch. Pretty awesome, right?


Backing up your website’s data doesn’t have to be daunting – as a matter of fact, this can be done for you by your hosting provider! If you’re unsure on how this works, make sure that you contact your hosting provider so that they can get you started. If this is your first time building a website, take into consideration a hosting plan that offers this service for your peace of mind and to save you money, time, effort, and spare you from stress.

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