How To Watch TV Online


More and more people watch TV online because of the convenience. When you watch TV online, you are not tied to your TV set or the cables running in your home. If you want to get this convenience, you need to know how you can watch TV online.

Subscription Services

The most common method of watching TV online is through subscription services. This includes Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube Channels. As the name suggests, you have to sign up for a subscription with these services to get access to their content.

The benefit of these services is the fact that you are not tied into a long-term contract. All of these services will offer a monthly contract where you can cancel the contract with ease. Of course, you will need to adhere to the cancellation dates to prevent being billed for a further month.

Free Trials

If you are unsure about a subscription service, you can try their free trial. Most of the large streaming companies will have a free trial that you can use. The trial varies from a month to 7 days.

After the free trial, you will be able to determine if you want to continue a subscription. However, you do need to remember to cancel if you do not want the subscription. These services will automatically charge you if you do not cancel during your free trial.

Free Streaming Sites And Apps

There are some websites such as Sony Crackle that offer select TV content for free. However, these services will have adverts to help pay for the content. If you are happy with a limited selection and the adverts, this is a good option where you do not have to pay.

There are also network websites and apps where you can watch content from the provider. These apps will generally have the latest episodes of shows running on the network. You can also get full seasons of TV shows. When using these apps, you will need to have an account with them. There are also many network apps that require you to have an account with a cable provider.

Offers From Cell Phone Carriers

Mobile and TV have become entwined which is why a lot of the major phone carriers will offer streaming services to their customers. Some of these companies will provide a subscription to a major streaming service when you sign up to certain packages with them. You will need to check the terms for these deals as you may be able to get a discount on the usual subscription price.

If you are looking at a phone carrier that is in the cable TV industry, you may be able to get access to their channels through your phone contract. While these deals can seem like a good option, you do need to compare the costs. Some carriers will increase the costs of the package to a point where it is more expensive than a phone contract and paying the monthly subscription from the streaming service.

Use A Relative’s Account

If you have a relative who has an account with a streaming service, you can use this with their permission. Most subscription services allow multiple devices to use the account at the same time. Additionally, if you live with someone who has an Amazon Prime account, you can create an Amazon Household to share the benefits of the account.

There are a few ways that you can watch TV online. A streaming subscription is the most common and you can try these services before you start paying. There are also some free options, but they will be limited and often have adverts to cover their costs.

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